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It’s really important to understand what the video process whether you are filming a series of ‘talking head’ interviews or creating a corporate video to demonstrate your companies core values.

We have broken up the video process into three parts: pre production, production and post production.

Pre Video Production

This stage is the research stage and it involves thinking about what actually needs to be produced. Things you need to think about are who is the audience for the video, what budget is available or required, when is the delivery date and in what format?

During this stage you also need to think about timings of the production and who will be needed on the day to be part of the video. You will need to think about other creative elements (should the production company write the voice over script, or should we?).

Many, if not all, these issues can be easily resolved by a quick chat to a video production company. A creative producer will quickly understand your objectives, be able to refine your brief and suggest the best way of producing the video with you. To this end they will be able to supply examples of past productions for use as a reference and even a storyboard of the proposed video production.

Video Production

Our team will put together a production schedule from the pre production process. For example a voice over script would be written, this will dictate what needs to be recorded, and this ‘schedule’ resolved with the availability of the people and locations that are required to be in shot.

It’s at this point the crew and equipment are booked to record the video production. Depending on how large the shoot it, it may require between 1 to 3 people.

Note: It’s very rare for a production company to work for less than a whole day. Most days require at least an hour to rig and to de rig the equipment so when a crew is available its best to maximise their presence by shooting as much as possible.

Post Production

It’s the post-production (or editing) stage of video production where the finished product all starts to come together.

In terms of process the video is first digitised onto a hard drive and the best ‘takes’ extracted. These takes are then combined with all the other elements.

Motion graphics are created which lift any production to a broadcast quality standard. For example we’re usually asked to animate the company logo. To represent the key metrics via an animated graph and to demonstrate the USP’s of a product or service through the production of a rotating 3D model or an animated flow chart.

Any still photography or PPT slides can be adjusted then included and music selected and inserted. It’s important that you give us any graphics or pictures before or during the production on a dvd or memory stick to prevent any delays.

When combined all these elements will provide a rough edit and be supplied to the client usually via a programme like www.yousendit.com. The client’s then asked for comments on all the elements and based upon these the amends are carried out. Finally the client can attend to make the very final tweaks before sign off (and a hearty lunch or dinner). We allow the client one set of changes so its important that everyone if your team that is involved in the project has seen it and is happy with what the finished product will look like.

Video Production timings

An approximation is that for every one day of shooting around three days of editing are required once the various rounds of amends are included.

The last element of post production is the compression of the video to the format of choice. Currently this usually Mpeg 2 for use on DVD or FLV (Flash) for use on a website or social media.

If you want to find out more information about our video production services just drop us an email via our contact us page and we will get back to you to discuss your video needs.