Video Magazines



“Let your customers see you at your best”

How do you communicate with your customers currently? Do you actively work at retaining clients? What strategies do you use for attracting new business?

A video magazine packed with video content can perform all of the above in one mail shot. The magazine is emailed out as a page-turning magazine, readable in a web browser or accessible on your website. You can even post it on your Facebook page and send it out via Twitter.

As customers become immune to email newsletters and annoying mail shots, video newsletters are becoming the best proven method for companies wanting to stay in touch with the lifeblood of their businesses. In return customers receive valued information and get the opportunity, via the interactive content, to see you at your best.

Click the magazines above to see them in action!

You can create a video magazine for the following:

  • A NEWSLETTER which is emailed out.  Our clients have reported that they have between a 30-80% higher click through and conversion from using a video newsletter
  • A BROCHURE that’s sits on your website, emailed out, or sits below your signature on your own personal email.

Look to create your own BUSINESS MAGAZINEand impress your clients as a market leader in your industry.  You can do this monthly or quarterly.

Powerful Video Content you can include:

  •  Customer testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Explanations by YOU of your products and services
  • Showcase your work or projects from start to finish
  • Add animation to increase understanding

Video is a powerful tool for increasing sales. Smart marketers understand that videos carry your personality and can therefore build relationships with customers. Video engages people in a way that photos and text alone can’t so talk to us today about how we can help.

Do You Want An Environmentally Friendly Image?

Did you know that online publishing via our video newsletters also demonstrates your green credentials!  Its carbon neutral, the environmental benefits include

  • less pollution – no transportation is needed
  • no chemicals – no printing is needed
  • no trees – no wildlife is disturbed or fuel consumed
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