Video Streaming / Web TV

The HandiWebTV console has been specifically designed to help businesses create their own online TV networks cost effectively – with a comprehensive set of easy to use tools for managing the delivery of professional quality video channels to audiences either locally or globally.

Here at Handi Productions we will spend time with your business understanding it, creating and designing your very own online packages ie consumer shows, documentaries, news reports etc. See one of our clients where we help produce and film a monthly chat show around the cosmetic surgery industry.

The HandiWebTV is a great opportunity for companies that wish to launch their own T.V service online. This option helps you to deliver free-to-view channels, including tools for you to schedule programming and advertisements. Its your own professional TV network online!

Most people now have permanent access to a broadband Internet connection, whether they are home users or corporate business web-users. This now gives companies huge opportunities to start using the Internet as a serious broadcasting alternative to traditional T.V networks, which can often work out very expensive.

At HandiProductions we will create a package that is affordable. Whether you decide to create your own programmes monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. We will spend considerable time making sure that the right messages are being communicated to your target audience. If we have to film for one, two or three days in different locations to create the stories you want, this is what we do best.

Where we Work?

We can produce your video content for your WebTV anyway around the U.K including London, South Hampton, Devon, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Edinburgh, the Isle of Man and many more.

If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our team today please fill out the contact us page and someone will be in touch shortly.