Web Video Production

Create the Right First Impression with Web Video Production

Why is Video Production for the Web so Powerful today in Generating Revenue?

  • People remember 30% of what we see, 20% of what we hear but 70% of what anything we watch and hear at the same time.
  • Visitors stay 75% longer on websites with video.
  • Video has 10 times more impact than traditional media.
  • Web enquiries can increase by 80% by using web videos.
  • People and pictures communicate more effectively through video than text
  • Adding video to your website grabs attention and stimulates enquiries.
  • Talk directly to consumers and get your message across quickly and effectively.
  • Increase the amount of visitors and time they spend on your website with web videos
  • Allow your consumers to quickly understand your offering with online product demonstration videos
  • Communicate complex procedures more easily through training videos.

At Handi Productions we offer our clients an opportunity to showcase a selection of videos on their own website through our customised video players. Our web video production company can really help you integrate your videos within your website. We have filmed hundreds of videos with green screen where we can superimpose images in post production behind the virtual presenter speaking. We have had many success stories from clients telling us how their personal videos have helped switched customers to their business. A web video on your home page can create the right first impression within seconds!

We have a skilled team that can help you plan, film and produce short powerful video clips for your own website. Videos can include:

  • Introducing your company and staff to prospective clients.
  • Explaining your products and services with product demonstration videos.
  • Demonstrating why your business is aesthetically pleasing through virtual tour videos.
  • Having your clients talk about their experiences through testimonial videos .
  • Promoting your event or conference by creating a short event video, to build excitement around your future events.

We will not only give you high quality web video production but we will help you make the most of your videos and give greater optomisation to your website. Distributing your video to a range of online video and social networking sites that we are members of.

Online Marketing Video may include:

  • Internet video advertising
  • Web advertising
  • Video production for web
  • Web site video
  • Online corporate video
  • Online product video
  • Company news and announcements
  • Video blog
  • Video testimonials
  • Google video ads

Where we Work?

We want to give you flexibility and affordability. We can film and produce your web based video production anywhere around the U.K including London.

If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our team today please fill out the contact us page and someone will be in touch shortly.