Training Video Production London

It’s been said that the single most important investment a company can make is in the training of their employees. There are a number of benefits that video has when thinking about your training packages.

  • Demonstrate techniques and ideas clearly.
  • Make your messages consistent.
  • Affordable and timely compared with face to face training.
  • Tackle difficult subjects in a way which engages the viewer.
  • Have multi-language media options that caters to all backgrounds.

Options Available:

  • Add demonstrations, speakers and role-plays to your web site or intranet to ensure best practises and most importantly, make learning an experience.
  • Use DVDs across the company to make a difficult topic understandable.
  • Provide learning packages on CD-ROM -let people learn in their own time and at their own pace. A fully branded menu system lets you create the right impression from the start. Content can include video clips – which can be synchronised alongside images, slides or key information. Downloadable documents and web links can also create a complete resource on one CD.
  • Have multi-language media options that caters to all backgrounds.

Where we Work?

We can produce your training videos anyway around the U.K. Based in London with offices in Battersea and Harley Street Handi Productions is ideally located to film throughout the capital including West London, Central London and the greater London area

Training Video Production London

Producing a training video is one of the way of ensuring that your workforce – no matter which industry you are in – are up to date with the latest developments in their field. Training videos can be produced for sales staff, medical professionals, teaching professionals and those who are new to their job. For training video production, London has some of the best resources available.

Training Video Production London – Things to Remember

Planning the video as far in advance as possible is the first step in making sure that a quality training film is being produced. The person watching needs to feel as though they are connected with the information that is being passed on and a presenter who is a professional or an expert in their field is one way to help to achieve this. Demonstrations on a training video should be clear enough for the student to understand each step of the process. A good example of this is using a piece of equipment – the student should be shown how it is switched on, how it is used safely, all switches and functions should be demonstrated and how it should be switched off and stored. Leaving out any of this important information can cause problems later.

Training Videos – Who Needs Them?

Training videos are perfect for companies and organisations that need to deliver online training. Those who are based in one particular region will not need to travel long distances in order to be trained as the information can simply be delivered online. It can be studied at the pace of the student, which is ideal for those who are juggling full time work with studies as the training materials can be accessed as and when needed. Training videos can also be created that suit the needs of all users. It can be difficult in a traditional lecture room environment to cater for all students. Some may have hearing difficulties and you cannot put subtitles in a lecture room, but you can on a training video. This ensures that users are able to adjust the settings to their own needs and that they can make use of the same information as their colleagues without desperately trying to fill in the gaps later. Those who learn at a different pace will find that the videos are ideal as they can be watched time and time again until they have absorbed the information that they need. A student who finds it hard to make comprehensive notes in the lecture room will not have this problem with an online training video. The fact is that training videos can be designed to meet the needs of both the training centre and the student and have been proved to achieve excellent results.

At HANDI PRODUCTIONS we will work closely with you to create and design training packages that work. Let us do the thinking for you!

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