Testimonial Videos

All the fancy advertising and the best sales people in the world but nothing sells better than having your own customers promoting you. Who’s more believable you or your customer?

A sales person can tell you all day about their company and products but unless they can back that up what’s the point in even listening? Many companies are now turning towards their own customers for promotion. Using powerful video testimonial from loyal customers will sell itself.

At Handi Productions we can help you build an online collection of strong video testimonials from your customers and maximise this exposure through other media solutions.

What is the process?

  • You will need to arrange a suitable date for filming with your client. Only 30 minutes are required for the actual interview with your client.
  • We can assist and support you with your questions to ensure no possible endorsement opportunities are missed during the interview.
  • We will also work with your client making them feel as comfortable and self-assured as possible.
  • We can either film your customer in one of our studios or on location at your client’s premises to ensure minimum inconvenience.
  • We provide an experienced and professional director-camera operator who is considerate and tactful.
  • All of our footage is shot and edited in HD quality to ensure we give you the best quality.
  • We can supply you with a flash video FLV file for use on your website or any other format that you may wish to use in a presentation or in-store.

Our team can really help you integrate your testimonial Videos into your marketing mix to ensure we turn your prospect clients into real customers.

Where we Work?

We can produce your testimonial videos anyway around the U.K including London, South Hampton, Devon, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Edinburgh, the Isle of Man and many more.

If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our team today please fill out the contact us page and someone will be in touch shortly.