Business Video Production

Handi Productions are specialists in the production of Business Interview Videos. Communicating messages within your organization can be a challenging task. Whether you have one location or multiple locations worldwide. Its essential that your business brings employees together and motivates them as one team.

Business video production can be such a powerful tool when communicating to all levels of your organization. Not only does the same message get delivered at the same time, but the message is more personable and memorable. Whether it’s inspiring people to work towards a common goal, or finding an easy way to communicate a consistent message, video makes it easy.

  • Put a face to it, and make it personable
  • Train colleagues on important issues such as diversity in the workplace
  • Communicate key vision statements from senior management across the company
  • Celebrate successes and major milestones
  • Give everyone an understanding how different parts of a diverse business come together

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Recruitment Video Production

Recruitment videos are an excellent tool for attracting and securing the right candidates. Finding the right candidate can be a challenging task. The best ones usually get snapped up fast and often receive multiple offers at once. The final decision for a lot of candidates in this position, often comes down to the feelings of am ‘I going to fit in, are their opportunities for growth, how credible and well respected is the company and do other employees enjoy working there.

Offering candidates an interactive dvd with a selection of short videos and employee interviews and testimonials can certainly give a candidate a good feeling about your organization and the confidence that they have made the right choice.

Where we Work?

We can produce your business videos or internal communication videos for your Intranet or website anyway around the U.K including London, South Hampton, Devon, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Edinburgh, the Isle of Man and many more.

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