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Medical Video Production for Healthcare Professionals

Medical Video Production is an important feature of both training and presentations to medical professionals. Videos can be used to demonstrate procedures for those who are trying to learn new skills for their job. This can be as simple as CPR training or the more complicated surgical procedures. Many trainees find that a visual aid such as this can help them to see and understand procedures better and that vocal explanations are often not enough. Medical videos are also essential in aiding the medical professional or trainee to learn how to use new pieces of equipment.  In situations where on the job training is just not possible medical videos can give a clear demonstration of equipment and they are also easily accessible for those who need to refresh their skills.

Medical Video Production is not just used for explaining medical procedures. Recording lectures and presentations that many medical professionals would find beneficial but are perhaps unable to attend is the ideal way to ensure that no one misses out on discovering new information and better working practices.  Guest lecturers at medical universities often offer a unique insight into the profession.  By capturing the lecture on video it means students for years to come can also enjoy that same informative presentation. They can learn using other people’s ideas and techniques and it helps them to get as much job satisfaction from their work as possible.

Medical Videos for Promotion

Medical Video Production is also often used when trying to promote the medical facility. Hospitals, charitable institutions and other health care facilities often need to promote themselves in order to gain funding for new equipment, more staff or staff training, expansion or refurbishments.  In order to do this, videos are produced to show current facilities and working practices and to highlight the areas where extra funding could help with improvements. This form of self-promotion is not uncommon, particularly with charitable health care organisations.

Medical Video Benefits for Patients

Potential patients will also benefit from a facility making use of Medical Video Production.  For the elderly looking to find a suitable care home, videos that highlight the facilities each home has to offer is an asset, particularly if they are unable to visit each one due to mobility issues. They are also a good way for potential patients who are due to undergo an operation to see how this will be performed. Many patients need the reassurance that the procedure will be as simple as their medical professional are telling them that it is, others just have a curiosity about the procedure.  This is particularly true for those who are about to have major surgery as it is normal to have concerns about what will happen.

Visual aids such as these are not a new idea and have been used for many years.  The latest technology means that medical training videos can simply be uploaded to a website or intranet site making them easily accessible for the students or patients who will be using them.


Aspects of Training Video Production

The Script

One of the most important features of training video production is the script.  Careful consideration needs to be given to the content of the script as it needs to contain all the information that the viewer needs to see and hear, but at the same time has to be interesting enough to ensure that the viewer makes it to the end.

Planning the content of the script does not need to be difficult.  Those involved in the planning should sit together to make notes on the items which need to be included and then draft the content.  It is important to decide the images that will be appearing on screen.  If a demonstration of a piece of equipment or a process is being shown then voiceover narration is perhaps better than a presenter who could distract viewers from the important information being shown.

It is also very important that the script does not wander from the point.  Additional information is always welcome in training video production but if it goes too far away from the point being demonstrated then the viewer will lose interest.   The use of language is also important as everything needs to be explained as clearly as possible.  Technical language may not be suitable for those who are just beginning to learn a subject.

It is important to remember that the training video production company will also make suggestions for the script before it goes into production.  Suggestions made by the production company could be very useful.  The team working on the project will have a vast amount of experience and can suggest changes that will be beneficial in the long term.

The Audience

Throughout the process of making a training video it is essential to keep in mind exactly who the target audience is.  If it is a corporate training video, then employers will be focusing on professionals who are already in the job who need to be brought up to speed with the latest sales techniques, product training or customer service training.

For a medical training video then it is medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, or support workers such as nursing assistants and housekeeping staff that will be in mind.  Medical video production can also apply to information videos made to pass on information to patients.  These can be in the form of demonstrations on surgical procedures or information on a medical facility.  All of these people would need to be addressed in different ways and all are looking for different things from a training video.


Medical Video Online Training

Medical video production is popular for staff training and there are a number of advantages to delivering this type of training online.  The main reason is that the training materials are easily accessible.  A trainee can be located almost anywhere and still ensure that they are keeping up with their studies and the latest developments in their profession.  Videos can feature lectures or demonstrations and can be as long or as short as needed by the training centre.  The main emphasis is on making the information accessible as well as interesting, as it is important that the person watching is able to understand and learn from it.

Flexible Learning with Medical Video Training

The flexibility to be able to access training materials anywhere is essential in today’s modern world.  In the medical profession, those who are studying for qualifications or simply updating their knowledge cannot always do so at a certain time and place.  Being able to sit down at home in the evening when all the chores are completed and switch the computer on is the ideal way to get around scheduling problems.  Medical video training can also be supplemented with printed course materials if needed.

Medical Video Production – Subject Matter

It should be remembered that not all training videos for the medical profession are going to be on diseases or surgical procedures.  Other members of staff need training on other aspects of healthcare.  This includes hygiene training or information on how to operate certain pieces of equipment.   For example, a medical training video on safety will help to educate staff on different work practices and the importance of PPE.  Videos can include reconstructions and demonstrations which help to put the point across, something that is not always possible in a lecture room.

For medical professionals, non-verbal communication is very important.  The body language of a doctor or nurse can help a great deal at putting the patient at ease and a training video on this subject would help them to identify any unconscious negative messages that they are sending out.  Video training can be given on how to deal with difficult patients or how healthcare professionals can best protect their own health.

Modern versus Traditional Learning Methods

In reality, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but by making use of traditional lectures and books as well as medical video production then training centres are able to address the disadvantages of one with the advantages of the other.  In today’s modern world everybody likes to have the information that they need at their fingertips and with mobile broadband devices offering easy access to internet on the move, online video is one of the easiest ways to achieve this.


Advantages of Medical Training Video

Medical video production is on the increase. This is due to the fact there are so many advantages to using medical training videos that more facilities are choosing this as an option. The use of medical training videos means that a group of trainees can all learn at the same time, they are all learning the same thing which gives continuity in the workplace and the resources are there to use again whenever needed, making it also one of the most cost effective ways to train staff. As it can be stored away and accessed whenever needed it is also an excellent time management tool as it can fit in around even the busiest of schedules.

Medical Training Videos Online

It is also evolving. It is now possible to organise medical video production online. As users of the internet increase, it is perhaps the biggest form of communication for many people.  A large number of companies are now choosing to have their medical training videos available online for students. This can help with revision for exams, to refresh themselves for certain procedures or even as part of a distance learning course. The student can watch their training session at a time that suits them. They can replay the parts they want to understand better as many times as they need to without holding back the rest of the class, and they can skip ahead if they feel they understand some parts already. This means they can better focus their time and attention to the parts of the course they need to.

With medical training, the student must at least understand basic procedures before they can begin working with patients. Medical video production can demonstrate these procedures so that the student can see what is involved before having to deal with it in what could be a very stressful situation. It is also an excellent way to give training on a piece of equipment that might not be available for practical training sessions on a regular basis.

Medical training video production in London is popular as some of the largest medical facilities in the country are located in the area. They offer their medical students the opportunity not only to learn about procedures and equipment, but they also have the chance to witness operations being performed and learn about diagnostic techniques before being introduced to any patients. Learning in an environment that is less stressful means the student can spend a little time and concentrate properly on learning the procedures so they can continue in the job fully confident that they have learned everything they need to do a good job.